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Fandral/Loki Mpreg!fic FOUND!!

Hey guys,

I was just rereading Empty Words, and then I remeber there was another Fandral/Loki fic that I now cannot seem to find:

IN the fic Loki finds out that Fandral has been running his mouth about their hook ups while finding out he is pregnant and what do you know Thor is going to be crowned. So Loki desides to tell over protective big brother Thor that his with child and Thor of course goes ape shit on Fandral.

If this seems similar to anyone please help me out. I am pretty sure it was on NorseKink Meme.

If anyone is interested in the fic here is the link:

Instead of allowing some Frost Giants into Asgard to interrupt his brother's coronation, Loki simply shows up the night before at his brother's room teary-eyed and says that he's had sex with Fandral and now he's worried the man doesn't really care for him and he doesn't know what to do.

Thor goes crazy and chases Fandral through the palace, causing such a mess that Odin has to punish him by postponing the coronation.

Loki's satisfied. Thor won't be crowned tomorrow and Fandral has been punished for boasting about his mystery lover and telling everyone a few things Loki would prefer to be kept between them. And tonight, Fandral can punish him for telling as much as he wants.
Tags: character: loki, character: thor, movie: thor, theme: mpreg

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