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Steve Centric fic specific and general

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anyone could remember a pic where it's post Civil War and Steve decides to turn himself in to the UN. He basically tells Tony that if he really wanted to still kill Bucky he could but he wouldn't get away with it or something. I know Tony ends up helping Bucky with the trigger words while Steve is being held for trial by Ross, where he'd kept in a form of sensory deprivation. Please any help? Pretty sure it was Bucky/Steve

EDIT: okay so I figured out that my request I believe is actually a mash of two fics. The tony wanting to kill Bucky and then helping him with the words and trial one is actually the Aftermath series on AO3. But I'm still looking for the fic where Steve is kept on the raft in isolation if anytime has any ideas.

Also any more generalised fic recs (Bucky/Steve preferred but Bucky/Steve/Tony also accepted)where Steve is hurt (physically or mentally (depression, PTSD etc). I really would like one where he's down for a bit rather than magically fixed by the serum. Just ones where Steve is generally tortured and has to be saved - by someone else or even his own mind. I've read as many as I could find on AO3, but some aren't tagged properly and it makes it hard to find them all. Really just love some Steve whump especially with over protective and worrying Bucky.

Thank you all
H xo

PS please no permanent character death
Tags: character: bucky, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: post-avengers, movie: captain america, pairing: steve/bucky, pairing: tony/steve/bucky, search: fic (recs), search: fic (specific), theme: abuse, theme: bucky (protective), theme: civil war, theme: eating disorders, theme: noncon/rape, theme: ptsd, theme: steve (hurt), verse: comics, verse: movies

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