Reading is life... :) (monicaop) wrote in avengers_search,
Reading is life... :)

Searching for CATWS AU fics

Hi, I wonder if you could help me.

I want to know if there are any CATWS Au fics where things don't go that bad for SHIELD!!

Where either Steve doesn't decide to dump all the info of everyone in SHIELD on the Internet, or someone *cough* Tony *cough* JARVIS *cough* decides to help and filter the information from most agents, or where they don't take down the helicarriers and destroy and kill, you know, everything.

I love Steve, but in this movie was when I started to not see him in the same light 'cause I really disliked the decisions he took and the consequences of what he did, so any AU, specially with Tony or other Avengers will be awesome!!

Thank you!! Be well, Monica
Tags: !recs compilation, genre: au, verse: movies

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