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Loki Fics?

1) I saw an idea somewhere that one of Loki's weaknesses are compliments- disarming him by doing or saying something kind to him, and he gets determined to pick it away to find the barb and insult and malicious intent in it- and I've just been wanting a fic exactly like that since!
I'd love one where perhaps The Avengers are fighting Loki, perhaps he's weaker/more tired/hysterical and running on emotions, and someone gives off a compliment, sarcastic or not, and Loki just zones in on that, picking it apart, telling them to be straight with him and say whatever they mean, etcetera. Insecure and all.

2) Also any fics that have sad, evil Loki, preferably still including The Avengers. Moments where Loki isn't in prison- being caught perhaps sure- or whatever, during his attack on Midgard, where something happens that makes The Avengers realise that, yes, while this man is a psychopath attacking Earth right now, he's surprisingly vulnerable. Moments realising that he's (not technically) human, and not a complete, through-and-through monster.

Any other fics that are Loki centric, angst- sad, injuries, redemption, anything!

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