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Avengers slash Harry Potter Crossover

Hey guys, ive been tryin to find this story on ao3 for the past few days, its a crossover, where Loki is Harry Potters mother, and the father is Tony Stark. Loki gave up Harry to the Potters as a baby. And from what i remember its a finsihed story.
Harry is in his fourth year at hogwarts during the last tournament he is accused of killing Cedric, he is taken to askaban(?), where he is rescued by Loki, who takes him to New York, where he is friends with Peter Parker, and Tony Stark believes that Peter is his son but is not. Harry becomes close friends with Draco as they exchange letters, and Draco comes over to New York to learn wandless magic by Loki. Severus and Lucius destroy Voldemorts horcruxes, Narcissa is evil. Hmm what else... narcissa kidnaps harry and draco and does a itual where the horcrux from harry goes to draco, then tony,loki,severus, and lucius find them and lucius dies from the ritual.
▪Loki is Harry Potter's biological mother
▪Tony Stark is Harry Potter's biological father, but doesnt knkw he has a son

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