Gabriel (lalnadawn) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for specific Avengers/Doctor Who fic

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this fic I've been trying to find. I was recently looking for any good Avengers/Doctor Who fics (unfortunately, I haven't really found anything :P) and remembered this one fic I read a while ago.

Basically, the Doctor (I'm like 99.9% sure it was 11) was wandering around New York and the Avengers capture him. I remember Steve kind of being a bit of a dick and constantly calling him an 'it'. Thor at some point identifies the Doctor and everyone starts to treat him worse because Thor has heard horrible things (mostly exaggerated I think) about the renegade Time Lord and then tries to summon the Time Lords by dropping Mjolnir (because dropping a powerful weapon was a way to attract their attention??) The Doctor had noticed something odd happening in NY and breaks out of his cage so he can check the computer and figures out there are Cybermen, but the Avengers think he hit his head too hard when they knocked him out and is talking about Ironman. I'm pretty sure it was on and it ended on a good note with the Avengers and Doctor as friends? I know the Doctor snapped at some point and tells them about how he had to sacrifice his planet for the rest of the universe and they dare to accuse him of being... something? I don't remember.

I hope someone recognizes this! It was a really good fic! ANd any DW/Avengers recs would be appreciated as well. Thank you!!
Tags: crossover: doctor who

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