goddesstar (goddesstar) wrote in avengers_search,

Looking for Fic

Hi All,

I am looking for a Tony/Loki fic. All I remember is that Loki saves Tony by teleporting him away from whatever he was fighting with. In doing so, Loki accidentally teleports them to Jontunheim. Tony is in his suit which is damaged I think and Loki used up his power to teleport so they're stuck there until he regains strength. Stark meets up with some frost giants while out searching for wood or snow. Fighting ensues and Tony's injured. Loki heals him and then teleports them back to Midgard.

I hope this is not too vague as it's all I remember. I know I read it on AO3 but completely forgot the name.

Thank you for your help!!


EDIT: Found...link in comments:)
Tags: pairing: tony/loki, theme: tony (hurt)

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