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Lost Loki as Jotun Hostage Fic

Looking for a Loki centric fic I read forever ago and cannot find. I believe it was on . It starts with when Loki and Thor go to Jotunheim in the beginning of the Thor movie after the coronation debacle. Loki is captured and brought to a chamber in the castle when he is nursed by Laufey's mate. This person is a human male from Midgard with black hair who looks a lot like Loki. He and Laufey have been together forever and have Helbindi and Blyestir as sons. They once had another son but he was lost during the war. Laufey's husband has petitioned all the realms looking for his son but never found him. They also have a lantern lighting ceremony once a year on the day of the lost prince's birth ( like in tangled). Loki is kept as a well treated hostage. We later find out Loki is the lost son after a scene where he drinks some of Laufey's breast milk and reacts like a jotun child that was weaned too early. Other details: Blysteir has extra arms and doesn't speak a lot. Blysteir doesn't speak a lot because he onc promised to protect his little brother and failed so he now is very careful about what he says. Laufey's mate has a garden he cultivates that Loki helps with sometimes in his captivity.
Tags: character: laufey, character: loki, genre: canon!au, movie: thor, search: fic (specific), theme: kidnapping, theme: loki (jotun), verse: movies

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