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All I wanted was a pony....

Searching for a Steve/Thor fic

I read this fic at least two years ago, but have no clue where it was posted or who wrote it. Post-serum Steve is awesome physically & has accelerated healing; however, he feels everything that happens to him like a "normal" guy. So, when he flings himself into battle or falls from a building or takes terrific blows on his shield, he feels every blow & smash & injury. When he heals so quickly he actually feels every pain anyone would, only compressed into much less time. I don't think most of the other Avengers or SHIELD or anyone realizes what agony Steve endures & how much courage it takes for him to keep being Captain America.

Thor realizes, though; can't remember if he found out through simple observation or his Asgardian powers. Thor starts shielding Steve from the most grievous hurts, whenever he can, & Steve's gratitude & thankfulness for Thor's care evolves into romantic feelings. Steve allows himself to feel little & protected & safe in Thor's arms. The fic doesn't have much plot but the idea, & the author's description of Steve's torture, fear, & bitter determination to go on, obviously made an impression on me!

I really hope someone recognizes this fic summary & can give me some info. Help me, Obi-Avengers Fans, you're my only hope! ;-)
Tags: character: steve rogers, character: thor, genre: hurt/comfort, pairing: steve/other, search: fic (specific), theme: ptsd, theme: steve (protective), theme: thor (protective), theme: torture

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