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Zemo says sorry; Tony has heart attack; Spiderman badly hurt

I've got scenarios from three different Avengers fan fiction stories that I read a week or so ago going through my head and I can't seem to find them again. They're all most likely at AO3 and/or saved in my files so just a title or author should be enough to locate (I'm in the process of logging my stories, with plot points, so I won't have to keep doing this, so please bare with me.)

1) Zemo asks to speak to Tony and apologizes for hurting him so in his quest to break up the Avengers. Tony Stark was the only Avenger to publicly express remorse over the the damage and lives lost due to the Avengers actions and he provided money and medical help to those affected. So Zemo doesn't hate him anymore and doesn't want any revenge agains Stark.

2) Tony has a heart attack when the Siberia tape is released. (I think it was that tape, not totally sure.) Anyway he ends up in either the hospital or the compound medical ward.

3) Pre Civil War. Steve comes across an injured Spiderman in an alley right after a battle. He has to coax him into letting him take him in for medical treatment (stomach wound?) and promises to keep the mask on him and keep his identity secret.

Thanks to all for your patience. I screwed up on my meds and the pain kinda gets in the way of keeping attention on reading just one story at a time, then things get lost in the shuffle of being in the middle of reading 6 or 7 stories at a time. Happy holidays, whatever they happen to be for you at this time of year.
Tags: character: peter parker, character: steve rogers, character: tony stark, genre: action/adventure, genre: angst, theme: civil war, theme: media, theme: steve (protective)

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