Ellianna Stewart (jitterbug5) wrote in avengers_search,
Ellianna Stewart

Looking for specific Frostiron.

Hey, so i'm obsessed with frostiron again and looking for a specific i forgot to bookmark on AO3, and i gave up after going through 200 pages worth of history.Key points i remember from the fic are. .Thor and tony are in asgard, to get loki pardoned to earth (i think) .Thor has a rock/gem that contains lokis magic and entrusts it to tony (cant remember why) .In the fc tony is completely awesome and drives loki insane because he doesnt think about the dangers of anythin. .Tony gets loki to teach him magic, he actually really good at it. . Bunch of romancy stuff happens . Tony dies, everyone mourns .Then portals start openng up all over the world and spewing out chituati .Then a big one opens in the middle of newyork and out pops tony, but he doesnt remember loki, because of something he did to his mind in the underworld and his memories have certain triggers. they call frigga to help with tonys jelly brain and she goes into his head. . Death pops over for a visit and jarvis has a soul If anyone has this fic can they please post it, its been driving me nuts, Im 98% sure the fics on AO3 Thanks

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