mozart1475 (mozart1475) wrote in avengers_search,

Depressed Steve-centric fic

Hey all,
Read a story about a year ago that I can’t seem to find-
One-shot that spans from when Steve woke up till CA-WS fairly sure.
I remember that it had him see a SHIELD therapist, and after he said that the world was too fast he started lying about what he was feeling; it kind of glosses over The Avengers and then follows him back to Washington, and how he gets assigned to STRIKE.
It has a scene where he goes to put his head on Rumlow’s shoulder to sleep after a mission, and Rumlow shakes him off saying that Steve doesn’t want anyone to assume he’s (Steve’s) gay, does he? - leading to Steve musing that despite apparent steps forward, he used to have Bucky throw an arm over his shoulders and no-one would look twice, and how in the war he and the other Commandos would nap on each other in trenches, etc.
I’ve been looking for ages now so if anyone knows :)
Tags: character: steve rogers, genre: angst, genre: post-avengers, genre: pre-avengers, search: fic (specific), theme: steve (hurt), theme: steve (lonely), theme: steve (unfreezing)

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