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Specific Frostiron Fic

Hello! So Ive searched for this like everywhere and i mean everywhere. I think it might be deleted alr but I'm hoping that someone here has a downloaded version or smth. 

Anyway, the fic is a frostiron one where the avengers are all at asgard for Loki's funeral. Everyone keeps giving Tony weird looks and he gets fed up and asks them abt it. Turns out he and loki were in love and tony almost proposed but then some evil guy wanted loki to suffer so he made tony lose all memories of loki. So when tony learns of this, he goes to see loki's body, talks with frigga and some shit happens. Next thing i remember is that in the morning everyone finds tony lying dead near Loki's body, with the arc reactor in loki's hands. So the funeral gets pushed back to be a joint funeral and there was something about how their love story made all the realms mourn for the two. Some lit candles and one realm even planted trees for them?

In the end, Hela comes to Frigga ans says smth abt how all the realms showing signs of mourning is more significant then everyone in one realm in tears or smth. Basically both tony and Loki end up alive even though their bodies were technically lit on fire after they died. 

This is practically the entire story. I really really want to read this again and I'd appreciate anyone who could help me out :) 


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