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Avengers Fanfic/Fanworks Search Community

Marvel Cinematic Universe and Comics

Avengers Fanfic Search Community
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Where you can search for avengers related fanworks (fic, fanart)
A bout Us
Welcome to the Avengers Fanworks Search Community! The name says it all! Have you read a fic a long time ago that you're dying to re-read but don't remember the name? Or maybe you're looking for recs on a specific theme/pairing, or even fanarts? Well, this is the place for you!♥

The mod is xbeax. You can communicate with me by PM.

R ules
Here are the rules.

1. Please be courteous towards others. Don't be rude. There's no need to criticize.
2. All searches for Avengers fandoms are accepted. This means you can search fanworks from any movies that fall under the Marvel Cinematic Universe, comic-verse, and cartoons.
3. RPF/RPS is accepted.
4. Don't post your own fanwork This place is to post fanwork searches, not to post fanfic, or discussions.
5. ANY types of fanwork seaches are accepted. This includes fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, icons, and recs.
6. Spoilers: Warning for spoilers/using lj-cuts will be in effect until two weeks after the last release date. Ergo, IM3 spoilers do not need lj-cuts. It's up to the OP if they want to do so as courtesy, but not a requirement.
7. Do not delete or strike through a post once the requested story has been found. Many comm members take any mention of a fic someone liked well enough to read again as a recommendation, so the posts are useful to other people besides the OP. (courtesy of parmalokwen)
8. Please provide a descriptive title to posts. This is helpful when trying to scroll through many posts. "Looking for a fic" is not descriptive, as most posts are for one or more fics. "The Avengers all switch bodies" is descriptive. "Favorite Darcy stories, please" is descriptive. (courtesy of parmalokwen)
9. Any posts that don't follow these guidelines will be deleted I won't warn you, I will delete the post. If a member continues posting entries that don't follow these guidelines, they will be banned from posting

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