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Controlled Loki Invasion Fics

Hello everyone!
I am looking for general recs of fics set circa 2012 in which Loki was not fully in control of the invasion. FrostIron, gen or any ship.
It could be:
1. Mind controlled Loki, where the Avengers realize and help him break the link to Thanos/Other
2. The eye color trope - they notice his eyes were blue and should be green
3. Fics were Tony or another Avenger knew Loki before and is confused why Loki would attack Earth
4. Fics were after Hulk hits his head Loki realizes what's going on and frantically joins the fight to help
5. Fics were Loki wakes up after being beat up by the hulk and is confused what's going on
6. Fics were Loki is sentenced to be with Avengers (as an avengers/servant/slave) as punishment but along the way they realize he was innocent and become his friends and would protect him
7. Any other Loki feels invasion fic you can recommend, I think you can get the general idea of what I'd like to read from this.
Bonus points for team as family, Coulson living and awesome Tony Stark.
I would like ONLY COMPLETE recs and preferably fics over 10k but if you know something really good shorter would do too.
Thank you in advance!

Loki Speaks gibberish

Looking for a fic, I think it was Loki/Steve, where Loki was in some kind of accident and had Aphasia so he only spoke gibberish, I think steve was a nurse or was Loki's therapist. I know steve ended up learning to speak the same way Loki did so they spoke gibberish together like a secret language.

It was a Human!au i think as well.

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best intro fics for avengers!fandom

Hi everyone - I'm branching into the avengers fandom because I love some of the characters, and my older fav fandoms don't have many new fics anymore. Can anyone recommend their favorite fics to get started in the Avengers!verse? I'm particularly interested in Thor/Loki (and all the Norse characters), Steve/Tony, and any good femmeslash. I also like (possibly prefer) RPF AUs, I'm just looking for some of the fandom's classic stories to fall in love with :)

Thanks for helping a marvel newbie out!

Update: THANK YOU to everyone who's been so kind in sharing their favs and recs! And I've recently discovered that I have a weak spot for Steve/Bucky, so I have a huge list of fics to explore. This is like the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks guys!
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Steve/Loki mind control fic - FOUND

Hi! I'm trying to find a fic I read years ago (I think it was around the time the first Avengers film was released or fairly soon after) where Loki, either accidentally or by design, ends up in Steve's bedroom at night. Steve wakes up and is ready to fight him but Loki puts the mind whammy on him and basically seduces him.

They end up having sex during which a small part of Steve's conscience knows something is very wrong but Loki just dials up the 'I'm in mortal danger, please protect me!' rhetoric and Steve succumbs fully to Loki offering his body as a means to repay Steve for his help.

Loki then basically uses Steve as a bodyguard to escape the tower and very nearly succeeds but the other Avengers manage to thwart his plans and subdue Steve who doesn't hold back in fighting them.

I remember it ends with everyone thinking the status quo has been fully restored but it turns out Steve is actually still on Loki's side...

I'm almost sure this was a meme fill, either norsekink or avengerkink? If there's any way of easily searching the fill lists for those memes please let me know! :)

FOUND IT! Started scrolling through the fill list on norsekink and found it on page 24 http://norsekink.livejournal.com/2496.html?thread=2790336#t2790336

Now I'm off to read the prequel mentioned in the fill comments and which can be found here


*happy sigh*

LF Specific Fic and General Search

1) Looking for a Steve/Loki fic. I think it was 6 chapters? In it, Steve doesn't realize that being gay is accepted. He is sleeping with Loki on the down low. At one point during sex, Steve covers Loki's mouth out of habit. Loki gets mad at him and Steve thinks the team will find out he is gay and ostracize him. So he runs away on a motorcycle. Loki comes for him and explains that the team knows he is gay and doesn't care.

2) Looking for some Super Family fics. I've never really read any so your best recs would be okay. NO Peter Parker/Wade Wilson though. Would also prefer a younger Peter Parker.

Parent!Loki Recs

Hey looking for some good Parent Loki fics, No tearjerkers please I have read plenty of those I need a break from them. Open to any Loki pairing.

Here is one to get the ball rolling:

Thor is the golden prince of Asgard and enjoys the attention that he receives because of it. Being such a golden prince has its upsides, women tend to gather around him and his tankard never runs dry of mead.

Over the years, the combination of lovely women and ever-flowing mead has resulted in a few “accidents” unbeknownst to Thor. Such accidents are quietly brought to the attention of Loki, because if Odin knew he most likely would not let the women keep the children. Loki takes care of Thor’s baby mamas and the children, visiting them often and behaving like a beloved uncle to them.

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Steve Titty Kink

M hardcore craving Steve Rogers Titty Porn... so looking for any and every (non-fem) fic where Steve's post-serum pecs/man-boobs are WORSHIPPED. Could be canon-verse or AU. I don't care about the pairing as long as it's NOT-Het or Not-Stony, though Stucky is preferred.

Also, looking for this one particular PWP (it was on Ao3, but maybe has been deleted, idk) where Steve gives Bucky a boob-job.

P.S. Bottom Steve only
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ALL FOUND: looking for a few specific fics

I'm looking for some fics that are Loki-centric. I only have a vague recollection of a specific scene from each. Hoping someone will have a better memory...

1. Steve/Loki—They're secretly married and during an interview, Steve's wearing a wedding ring, so they go into damage control. I think they end up bringing Loki out and he's been helping the Avengers, so they try to gain some support. **This is actually the same as below, or at least a part of the same series, making it Tony/Loki: Nothing Will Cage Me Any More by FujiDawn http://archiveofourown.org/works/992044**

2. Either a Steve/Loki or a Tony/Loki where Loki slowly works his way into their lives. I remember a Christmas scene where each of the Avengers receives a very thoughtful gift from Loki. I think Steve or Tony gets a healing stone that will heal anything and eventually saves their life—maybe Tony, something to do with his heart/arc reactor. **Just found it: Nothing Will Cage Me Any More by FujiDawn http://archiveofourown.org/works/992044. The summary was "It had taken one second of distraction for Loki to escape." But it's basically Loki escapes to Earth, sets him/her self up with a few identities and keeps running into the Avengers, particularly Tony Stark.**

3. Tony/Loki where they met when Tony was young and stayed friends throughout. I think Tony gets invited to visit Asgard. I don't think that any of the movie plots came into play. I'm pretty sure it was a series on AO3. **I'd gotten this mixed up a bit. It was actually young Natasha and Tony. The story is THE LITTLEST VALKYRIE by Bluetoast http://archiveofourown.org/works/1513667. Loki adopts a young Natasha after discovering the Red Room. Natasha and Tony meet when he is 5 and Loki is working with Howard Stark. She asks every year on her birthday that Tony be allowed to visit, but Odin refuses. It's incomplete, last updated in July 2016. Fingers crossed that it continues. It's very well-written and even though it's a hugely different timeline, the events of the Avengers movie happen in some way or another.**

4. Loki is de-aged and Thor brings him to Avengers' Tower. I remember Frigga comes with chests of clothing for young Loki, who prefers Asgardian clothing, and gold for Tony for housing them. I think it was a WIP. **Just remembered! Redemption (Start It Over Again) by hotchoco195 http://archiveofourown.org/works/1085425 **

Thanks in advance!