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Looking for social-media centric fics

Hi guys!

Can you recommend me some fics where media/social media features heavily - but it doesn't go into utter crack. Doesn't have to be only about social media, plotty fics are also welcome.

Mostly I'm looking for Peter-centric, and/or Steve/Bucky or Steve/Tony ships. (Neutral, or Team Cap please.)
Sadly I can't seem to have much luck.

Any rec within this trope would be awesome!

Found: Spider-man Explains Civil War on YouTube

I'm looking for a specific fic that was probably on AO3. 

The basic synopsis was that Peter Parker realized that nobody, not even the government, knew the actual story of what happened in the Avenger's Civil War, so there still hasn't been any resolution. I don't remember all of the middle, but Peter talks to MJ (and maybe Ned) who convinces him that he needs to do something because of justice or what Spider-man stands for, or something like that. Then Peter goes to Pepper and Tony and works with them to figure out how best to go about sharing the information. They consider PR and other things, I don't remember, and end up filming a video of Spider-man explaining not just the events of Civil War, but also what led up to it and why the different parties took the sides they did. The video also included footage from the suits and an image of the iron man armor after the Siberia fight. All this was uploaded to an untraceable YouTube account. The fic includes the public's reaction to the video, as well as Wakanda releasing a statement and Natasha anonymously contacting Peter to tell him good job.

The fic is definitely pro-team iron man, but there's not a lot of hate for the rogues that I can remember. The only characters that are actually bashed are Steve and Wanda, and even then it's not hateful, just distrusting. 


Searching for a Peter Parker-focused post-Civil War fic (most likely on AO3)

I read the most amazing fic on AO3 a while back and I'm trying to find it and I can't seem to so I'm looking for help (I'm really hoping it's not deleted). Pretty much Peter has a secret youtube account and found and posted the video of the airport fight and the internet blew up (at one point he tells everyone that Rhodey is doing okay), Tony doesn't like it though because Reasons and tells Friday to take it off. Friday goes on her own initiative and shuts down YouTube to take it off, and then contacts Peter and gives him the videos from Siberia to post. The internet explodes again. Peter (as himself) posts on twitter for people to draw blue circles on their hands the next day to show support to Tony, Tony asks him to take it off and he does, but everyone does it anyway and a hawker is selling like cellphone cases with the blue circle. It's cute and I'm really hoping to find it again. 

Spiderman fics

So I got a few things I'd like to look for.

1) Field Trip fics are almost my favorite trope, like ever and I don't really know why. I think I've basically read all that AO3 has to offer on it, and there's a lot of compilations on Wattpad of many authors different fics but I haven't been able to search fanfiction.net or other places

2)I've tried a few different tags and stuff, but I've only been able to find two or three works like what I'm looking for. I really want to read more stories where the avengers, or even the fantastic four, assume Spiderman's an adult when he's still a teenager, and kinda treat him like crap before they realize. I've read one Spideytorch where Johnny is a teenager and crushing on Spiderman and the four assume he's an adult and disapproves. I'd also like to find a few more fics where the avengers try to hunt him down, either for a misunderstanding or whatever reason and try to take him in. It doesn't really matter if they know Peter without knowing he's Spiderman or not but I'd prefer that.

3)Irondad/Spiderson fics, where they deal with school, either Flash being a bully or Peter getting in trouble for lying about his "Internship", or they deal with social media, and people knowing about Peter and Tonys relationship.

Basically anything with Tom Holland's Peter Parker. Please no starker slash and don't give me anything unfinished, I won't even look at it unless it's complete.

Zemo says sorry; Tony has heart attack; Spiderman badly hurt

I've got scenarios from three different Avengers fan fiction stories that I read a week or so ago going through my head and I can't seem to find them again. They're all most likely at AO3 and/or saved in my files so just a title or author should be enough to locate (I'm in the process of logging my stories, with plot points, so I won't have to keep doing this, so please bare with me.)

1) Zemo asks to speak to Tony and apologizes for hurting him so in his quest to break up the Avengers. Tony Stark was the only Avenger to publicly express remorse over the the damage and lives lost due to the Avengers actions and he provided money and medical help to those affected. So Zemo doesn't hate him anymore and doesn't want any revenge agains Stark.

2) Tony has a heart attack when the Siberia tape is released. (I think it was that tape, not totally sure.) Anyway he ends up in either the hospital or the compound medical ward.

3) Pre Civil War. Steve comes across an injured Spiderman in an alley right after a battle. He has to coax him into letting him take him in for medical treatment (stomach wound?) and promises to keep the mask on him and keep his identity secret.

Thanks to all for your patience. I screwed up on my meds and the pain kinda gets in the way of keeping attention on reading just one story at a time, then things get lost in the shuffle of being in the middle of reading 6 or 7 stories at a time. Happy holidays, whatever they happen to be for you at this time of year.

Looking for two fics...

I'm looking for two specific fics.
The first one may have been a "five times" fic, but I'm not sure. All I remember is a scene where the avengers were in a public place -maybe a coffee shop?- and steve meets a girl with a tattoo of himself on her upper arm. She has crazy colored hair and piercings. I remember he thinks that if he had been born in this era he would probably look like her. I think the pairing was Steve/Bucky.

The second one was about the public reacting to Steves instagram. I remember a scene where Clint was sick, and Steve sent him a pic of Darcy, Jane, Natasha and Pepper with the caption "These Dames want you to get better" or something like that, and some people were offended he used the word Dame.

I think they were both on AO3.

Looking for recs again 😊

Hey guys wondering if any one can help me out look for any kinda fic in which Tony is drugged and kidnapped either by some bad guys or a crazy fan.

Any fics where Tony is drugged either pain meds or someone spiked his drink or something like that.


Lost Bucky/Steve fic

I seem to have lost a fic that i liked.
I remember that it might have been titled Brooklyn. It had steve in it and he was gay and hid it. He was secretly in love with Bucky and never told anyone not even Bucky.He finally confessed it and wrote a book that became a movie. There was cover art and at the end Bucky came back and found out by going to a pride parade. Bucky loved steve too and was happy.
It was on AO3 and it was complete. Please help me find it again. I am horrible at tagging and saving fics i like.

Mistaken relationships

In chapter 112 of Sherza's Damaged Defenders Tony mentally refers to Steve and Thor as the Blond Twins when he notices Northstar trying not to blantantly pant after the two tall handsome blonds.  That got me to wondering if there are any stories where Steve and Thor were mistaken for brothers.  I vaguely recall a scene in some story or 'nother where someone took them for brothers while riding on the subway, but that could have been wishfull thinking.

In kind of a follow up for that one, I'd also like some stories recced where any two (or three) of the Avengers and family (Darcy, Jane, Betty, Pepper, and any of Xavier's people who move to the tower) are assumed to be or mistaken for lovers when they're not (or the third person is not with an established twosome).  A good example of this is "This is How We Roll" I've already saved a few where someone goes out to lunch or drinks with another, or someone wears a tee shirt or hoodie or sweat pants with another teammembers logo/name on it, and the tabloids has them together.  Or any story where Harley is assumed to be Tony's son, either by the press or the team.  I'm looking for assumptions by the press or the general public.  Thanks.

Backlash against true SHIELD members post info dump

I'm reading a story called "No Accounting for Heroes" written by Lady_Blackhawk and RedGold (at AO3) about a young Jewish woman who was a forensic accountant for SHIELD who loses her livelyhood and gains the suspicion of many after Nat and Steve's SHIELD/Hydra massive info dump into the internet, and how she copes with the massive changes in her life.  Does anyone know of any other stories of SHIELD survivors and how they cope.  Not just field agents and scientists -- I've seen several stories where Tony, Nat, Clint and the other Avengers track those down to bring them in safely -- but the desk bound support staff like accountants and such, even maybe lunchroom workers who weren't aware they were serving potato salad to uber-Nazis.  I'm sure I once read a story of a young Muslim woman in a similar position but I can't recall where I found it or anything else about it.  Ring any bells for anyone?